Texting Your Way Back in to Your Ex’s Heart
Last Updated: December 14, 2013
The Text Your Ex Back program created by Michael Fiore is a guide specifically designed to fix your broken relationships through, of all things, simple SMS messages. Fiore explains that no matter how destroyed your relationship may be, even if your significant other is no longer speaking to you, the power of the a simple, yet carefully composed text message sent at the right time can be enough to rekindle that flame and put the spark back into your relationship.
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Fiore’s system of eliciting the right emotions at the just the right time, through specifically designed text messages, has been found to help thousands of couples get back together and develop stronger relationships and open lines of communication. His program has been featured on many popular media outlets, including NBC, CBS, FOX, WebMD, Yahoo! and even on the Rachel Ray show as a unique and highly effective tool for those that want to mend their broken hearts and get back together with their ex.

In this guide, Fiore teaches that in order to get your ex back you need to let go of your past relationship. Realize that the relationship that you had with your loved one is now dead and gone. Once that is accepted, you will be ready to start a brand new relationship with your significant other that will be even better than you had hoped for. It is then time to open the lines of communication and start texting.

The program is based on a using a precise sequence of carefully crafted text messages to elicit specific responses and emotions from your ex. The first step in this sequence is to re-open communication. Even if you and your ex are no longer speaking, Fiore’s text messages will entice your ex to reach out to you and respond, even when nothing else has worked.

The next step in the program is specifically designed with your situation in mind. The text messages that you will send at this point will depend on the circumstances of your break up. Whether the break up was mutual, or either you or your ex was at fault, the program will help you move passed any negative emotions and focus on the positive aspects of your previous relationship. Doing this will remind your ex of the good times that you had together and help you to get back on good terms with them. The emphasis here is to remind your ex of why he or she fell in love with you to begin with. Bringing those positive memories of you back to them will make them think twice about what they lost when the relationship ended. If done properly your ex will slowly begin to feel the same way they did for you when you first fell in love and things were good between you.

Once you have built up this good rapport, you can start to address the problems that led to your break up in the first place. Whether the issues were big or small, they will be easier to deal with once you and your ex have diffused the negative tension between the two of you. It is important to follow the program carefully here, as it could be very easy to set off tender emotions when discussing sensitive subjects. Fiore explains that using text messages helps you to control what it is that you want to say and that using his carefully designed messages will give you the results that you need, without the chance that you say accidently say the wrong thing.

Once the issues of your old relationship have been addressed, you can begin the process of starting your new relationship. The Text Your Ex Back system explains how to make your loved one feel safe and understood by you. Using carefully chosen, yet simple, phrases you will be able to make your significant other feel closer to you than they do with anyone else because they will feel as if they can truly be themselves around you without fear of judgment. Giving your partner that emotional connection and sense of security will make them feel a deep bond to you that will make them want to be with you and only you.

Once that emotional bond is in place, Fiore explains how to use text messages to seduce your significant other so that you are the only thing that they can think about. Using these text messages to arouse your partner can be a powerful tool that keeps you on their mind throughout the entire day. They will begin to fantasize about you and desire touching and being with you as much as possible. Your ex will not even have time to think about anyone else because you will be so firmly implanted into their subconscious that they will not be able to get you off of their mind.

Once you and your ex have finally gotten back together, the Text Your Ex Back system will teach you how to maintain that healthy relationship and keep the spark going. The lessons that you are taught will be invaluable, not just with getting your ex back but with how to keep them and improve your future communications with them. Once you learn how your significant other thinks and responds, you will be able to know exactly what to say and when to say it in any situation.

So if you have lost the one that you love and have a true desire to get them back then this unique system could be exactly right for you. Fiore’s program is unlike anything else that is on the market today and has been proven to work for thousands of couples of all ages and backgrounds. It’s backed by a 60 day, money back guarantee so there is no risk to try it. If using the system doesn’t help you get your ex back then you can simply return it for a full refund. That, plus the bonus material that Fiore offers with his system, make this program a truly great value for the price.

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